Untied Hawaii

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are the conditions of shoes not listed out of a 10 point scale?

Conditions of used shoes are subjective. There is no approximate way to measure the condition of a used shoe in a numerical value, thus it is extremely important that the buyer view all pictures prior to purchasing the item, to ensure quality for themselves. 

Are there returns on used shoes?

No, there are no returns on used shoes.

Do you accept trades or offers? 

Trades and offers are not accepted by Untied Hawaii. Emails regarding potential trades or offers on priced shoes will be disregarded. 

Do you buyout sneakers or collections?

Currently, Untied Hawaii only accepts buyouts if you are located on Oahu, Hawaii. If you live on Oahu, feel free to contact (bryson@untiedhawaii.com) with buyout inquiries. 

How do I know the shoes being sold here are 100% authentic?

All shoes are reviewed for authenticity prior to be listed on this web store. Again, it is up to the buyer to perform their due diligence by viewing all pictures and asking questions PRIOR to purchasing an item. There will be no returns on any sneaker purchased through this web store. 

What is a Bento Box? 

Bento Box: Untied Hawaii’s mini version of the famous beater box. 

A box filled with 4-6 random shoes in various size and conditions. Meant to be used as a resellers box in which you can make anywhere from $100-$400 on average*, if shoes are priced correctly, sold on all available venues, and you have PATIENCE. 

Higher priced boxes mean easier ability to sell shoes. Lower priced boxes won't have as easy to move shoes but still can be resold for great money if you are patient. 

There are no returns on bento boxes.

*Contingent upon CORRECT pricing of shoes. Selling Locally with no fees will have highest returns.